Support me

You probably know how much effort I put into this project to make it work, right?

And yet, as a big Pokémon fan, I genuinely want to share this project with other fans for free, despite of all time and work it is going to take.

If you like what I’m creating here and you’re wondering how you can help me, there are a few options:

  On social media 

The first one is on my social media platforms (Instagram, TwitterFacebook). I love when someone send me a message to talk about the project, to give me some feedback or something like that. And everytime you like, comment or share any of my stuff, you help me A LOT. For real. That’s how I can make it big and make it known.

  Financial support 

The second one is on my PokéCities Shop and Patreon. That’s how I can get financial support and pay some costs, like the time I need to dedicate myself to the project, all printings, site maintenance and several other little things . It takes my time and my work, as I said, but it also takes my money.

I really would love to make this project big, make it known, expant to other regions of the game and create more stuff. So the more support I have, more free material I can create, right?